Patient's Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

Each patient treated at the Surgery Center of Potomac has the right to:

Be treated with respect, consideration, and dignity at all times; receive respectful care given by competent personnel with consideration of his/her privacy concerning their medical care;

Receive accurate information regarding the competence and capabilities of the organization;

Receive a copy of the Center’s HIPAA Privacy Notice upon admission and request;

Receive information regarding fees for services and payment policies;

Know that good quality of care and high professional standards are continually maintained and reviewed, and information regarding the competence and capabilities of the organization are updated and available;

Be given the name of his/her attending physician, the names of all other physicians directly assisting in his/her care, and the names and functions of other health care personnel having direct contact with him/her;

Know the Surgery Center rules and regulations that apply to his/her conduct as a patient;

Know the Physicians Dr. Barry Cohen, Dr. Adam Tattelbaum, and Dr. Bennett Yang have equal ownership of the Surgery Center of Potomac;

Receive information on after-hour and emergency care;

Be given informed consent by the physician prior to the start of any procedure;

Have access to an interpreter when needed and whenever possible;

Receive full information in layman’s terms concerning diagnosis and treatment; if it is not medically advisable to give this information to the patient, the information shall be given to the responsible person on his/her behalf; if a patient is adjudged incompetent under applicable State health and safety laws by a court of proper jurisdiction, the rights of the patient are exercised by the person appointed under State law to act on the patient’s behalf. If a State court has not adjudged a patient incompetent, any legal representative designated by the patient in accordance with State law may exercise the patient’s rights to the extent allowed by State law.

Be advised of participation in a medical care research program or donor program; the patient shall give consent prior to participation in such a program; a patient may also refuse to continue in a program that he/she has previously given informed consent to participate in;

Receive medical and nursing services without discrimination based upon age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, disability, or source of payment; exercise his or her right to voice grievances regarding treatment or care that is (or fails to be) furnished. The patient may express suggestions, grievances, or complaints to the organization or to agencies external to the facility.  The patient will be given information on the grievance process and agency contacts.  Patients may file complaints with the Maryland Office of Health Care Quality, Spring Grove Hospital Center, Bland Bryant Building, 55 Wade Avenue, Catonsville, Md. 21228 in writing or download forms at or by phone at 410-402-8000, or 877-402-8218; 4). File through Medicare at or 1-800-Medicare.

Make decisions concerning health care, including the right to accept or refuse treatment and have a physician explain the medical consequences of his/her refusal of treatment;

Make an advance directive, including a living will, and have access to our policies and procedures regarding advance directives. Surgery Center of Potomac does not comply with patient Advanced Directives. Any patient that requires resuscitation at our facility will be resuscitated and transferred immediately to the hospital for further care and treatment. Prior to transfer the patient’s emergency contact or responsible person, and the facility accepting the patient transfer will be notified.  Surgery Center of Potomac follows the guidelines of the Maryland Health Care Decisions Act. Information and forms on Advance Directives may be obtained in several ways: 1.) Contact the Surgery Center at 240-747-5650 and request the information and forms, 2.) Download information and forms from website, 3.) Contact the Md. Institute of Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS) at 410-706-4367 for information on Palliative Care/Do Not Resuscitate Orders (DNR).

Each patient treated at the Surgery Center of Potomac has the responsibility to:

Follow instructions given by his/her attending physician, anesthesia provider, and nurse(s) regarding preoperative and postoperative care;

Provide the Surgery Center staff with all medical information which may have a direct effect on the care provided at the Surgery Center;

Provide a copy of their advance directive to the attending physician and Surgery Center (if applicable);

Provide the Surgery Center with all information regarding third-party insurance coverage;

Fulfill financial responsibility for all services received as determined by the patient’s insurance carrier and the Surgery Center